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Year 6 Leavers Musical with SPIES!

Added on 26th Feb 2018 By Barbara Hockley

If you have a Year 6 and they're leaving in July and you need a musical and you like spies ...give Spy School: The Seventh Department a read and listen to the songs. It's funny and rather silly, it has lots of great parts (spies mainly), fantastic company songs, a heartbreaking song for the 'rookies' and a rap for a solo turn. It runs about 50 minutes and uses a minimal set. Costumes are pretty easy too - lots of wigs, trilbies, some cool suits, cunning disguises and a few lab coats. Props are imaginative...the jelly-leg-abulator springs to mind - you can have some serious creative fun with Spy School... What's not to like? 

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